Aging, Culture, and Technology (2018-2020)AR From Conception to Reality (2019)Autosurveillance and Affordances of Personal Agency and Security (2017)Becoming Eyeborg: Rob Spence's Journey to Create a Digital Prosthetic Eye (2008-2014)Biotechnology and Human Health: Harvesting the technology of plants and microbes to augment the human body (2019)Blockchain and Decentralization (2019)Body-Modifying Technologies and the Rights of Self-Governance Within and Outside of National Defense (2017) Brain-Implanted Artificial Intelligence (AI) (2018-2019)Challenges with Improving Workplace Communication (2020)Collaborative Authoethnography Contemporary Telepathics (2016-2019)COVID-19 Tech (2020)Cryptographic Identities (2016-2017)Cultural Heritage AR collectionCultural Reality - A VR Experience (2019)Digital Health Devices and Strategies (2020)Digital Nostalgias: Pixels, GIFs, and Sound (2017)Emerging Technologies for Business Communication (2019)Emerging Technologies for Technical Communication (2019)Exoskeleton Project (2016-2020)Fostering a Culture of Transcreation for Improving Mistranslation and Miscommunication (2020)Human-centered Design for Augmented Reality (AR) (2018-2020) Humanoid Robots (2017-2020)Implanted and Embedded Medical Devices (2019)Japanese Technologies (2020)Kids' Wearables Project (2010-2016)Non-Traditional Prosthetics (2019)Robots That Care (2020)Smart Contact Lenses (2008-2016)Social Support Technologies for Seniors Project (2020)Surveillance Issues and TechnologiesSurveillance, Sousveillance, and Security Technologies: A variety of wearable computing devices (2019)The Digital Literacy ImperativeThe Embodied Classroom: Technologies Used For Secondary Composition Pedagogy (2019)The Wearable Past (2018) Transhumanism, Technology, and Disability: A Critical Perspective (2019)Using Technology to Navigate Foreign Lands and Cultures (2020)Virtual Reality and Pedagogy (2017)VR as a Sales Tactic (2019)Wearables and Carryables for Everyday Communication: Past, Present, Future (2019) Wearable Tech and the Woman Question (2017)What Language Sounds Like: Wearable Devices in Translation Communication (2019)Workplace Sociality and Wellbeing (2017-2020)Writing Futures: Collaborative, Algorithmic, Autonomous (2020)