FingerReader - Wearable Text-Reading Device

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"The FingerReader is a wearable device that assists in reading printed text. It is a tool both for visually impaired people that require help with accessing printed text, as well as an aid for language translation. Wearers scan a text line with their finger and receive an audio feedback of the words and a haptic feedback of the layout: start and end of line, new line, and other cues. The FingerReader algorithm knows to detect and give feedback when the user veers away from the baseline of the text, and helps them maintain a straight scanning motion within the line." Finger Reader could drastically improve accessibility for the visually impaired Reality-Shifting Comments By: Rebecca Smith Everywhere we look we are faced with reading material. Whether you are sitting down with your favorite book and a cup of coffee, reading a form in your doctor’s office, or catching up on the latest celebrity gossip in a magazine, text is everywhere. For individuals who do not face a visual impairment, the ability to read may be taken for granted. However, for the millions of people who are either blind or dependent on some form of optical aid, reading can be a daily struggle. Luckily, researchers at MIT are working on a solution to make reading more accessible for individuals who may otherwise be unable to take part in the activity. According to an article by Rodrique Ngowi, the FingerReader is a device which is worn on the index finger and uses a camera to scan text and read the content to the wearer. Currently, the device is not available to the public; however, the hope is that eventually the FingerReader will be an affordable and functional visual aid. While the technology cannot entirely make up for the inability to read, it certainly has the potential to help individuals overcome some of the barriers which are currently faced by the visually impaired.
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