Thync English H264
Thync English H264

Thync English H264

Publication/Creation Date
January 24 2014
Thync (creator)
Media Type
Corporate Video
Persuasive Intent
A pre-release concept video for Thync. Thync’s technology involves calculated stimulation—at present, via contact electrodes placed along the orbital ridge and the base of the neck—of cranial nerves, that is to say, nerves that travel directly into the brain as opposed to the spinal cord. The stimulus is currently applied through electricity; the company initially used ultrasound (which is capable of greater precision, “down to an area the size of an M&M,” says Goldwasser, and deeper travel—“directly into the brain itself”), but the unwieldy size of the technology made it impractical for how they imagined it being used. Which is to say, regularly and everywhere." Jeff Yang Quartz
HCI Platform
Discursive Type
Location on Body
Head, Brain
Marketing Keywords
Neuroenhancer, CES 2015

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January 14 2015
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April 10 2018
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