Revision Military PROWLER Human Augmentation System (HAS) Exoskeleton

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December 21 2014
B-TEMIA (contributor)
Revision (contributor)
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Web Series
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Brian Dowling of Revision Military shows DefenseReview (DR) owner/editor-in-chief David Crane the B-TEMIA/Revision Military PROWLER Human Augmentation System (HAS) combat exoskeleton at NDIA SOFIC 2014.Dermoskeletics generates dermoskeletons. Considered as a pure human-machine interface, the dermoskeleton eliminates musculoskeletal stress on the body structure by injecting biomechanical energy at joints, providing the mechanical assistance to the users for the restoration, the maintenance or the augmentation of their biomechanical functions. Using high-end sensors and advanced artificial intelligence proprietary software, the dermoskeleton senses the user’s mobility intentions and then generates synchronized movements at the motorized structure in perfect symbiosis with the body in order to create complementary biomechanical capacity to the user.
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Hip, Knee, Leg, Thigh

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January 12 2015
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February 8 2017
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