Tiff Nexus - Peripherals Initiative - Eye Pilot

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Peripherals Initiative
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October 29 2011
Damian Sommer (contributor)
Awing With Frames (contributor)
Superbrothers (contributor)
Ryerson University (contributor)
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Video Lecture
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As part of the TiffNexus Locative Media Day, the Peripherals Initiative was a project that brought together video game designers and hardware hackers to create new games and new interfaces in order to create new methods of game interaction. There were several projects featured, but the most interesting I think was EYE Pilot, the world's first optically controlled video game. The artist is called "Tempt 1" This video is their full presentation. The peripherals initiative was a partnership between the HandEyeSociety, Ryerson University, Site 3, and DDiMit.org.
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July 8 2014
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November 26 2018
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