Stelarc's Prosthetic Head on the Subject of the Post Human

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December 7 2008
Stelarc (creator)
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Video Lecture
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Stelarc's recently exhibited Prosthetic Head is an enhanced and modified Alice chat-bot that resembles the artist. Lacking a material and substantial body, the Prosthetic Head is a virtual automaton an information device. Having both the semblance and characteristics of Stelarc the Prosthetic Head enables him to continue his performance art. It is more likely a projection or extrusion of that partial self that was designed to reflect this ontological state. The Prosthetic Head when exhibited is projected onto a large screen in a darkened gallery space. The audience may ask questions of the head and respond to its replies, not by using spoken language, but by the obligatory use of a keyboard interface, positioned on a podium placed at an appropriate distance from the Head. This text-based interface partly reflects communicative exchanges that occur in e-mail or on-line discussions, in which participants may construct fictional identities within a space that has encouraged the rhetoric of fluid and multiple selves. Metaphoric of the cybernetic condition it signifies the extent to which identity has been de-centered in techno-culture. As such it compels us to confront the partial, the fractal and the fragmentary.
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