CCCC Black Technical and Professional Communication Position Statement with Resource Guide

Publication/Creation Date
September 1 2020
Temptaous Mckoy (creator)
Cecilia D. Shelton (creator)
Donnie Sackey (creator)
Natasha N. Jones (creator)
Constance Haywood (creator)
Ja’La Wourman (creator)
Kimberly C. Harper (creator)
Persuasive Intent
"As a coalition of Black scholars, we participated in the Black Technical and Professional Writing Task Force convened by CCCC chair Vershawn Ashanti Young to create a position statement regarding Black technical and professional communication. In addition to fulfilling that charge, we used our agency as scholars in the area to produce the resource list presented here. We composed this position statement and resource list as initial steps toward defining Black technical and professional communication practices and practitioners; advocating for their inclusion in the body of mainstream disciplinary literature; and carving out the methodological, theoretical, and practical space that will enable other Black scholars in the field to see and do such work. The statement and resource list will also assist teachers and researchers of technical and professional communication."

"Black technical and professional communication (TPC) is defined as including practices centered on Black community and culture and on rhetorical practices inherent in Black lived experience. Black TPC reflects the cultural, economic, social, and political experiences of Black people across the Diaspora. It also includes the work of scholars in the academy and the contributions of practitioners. In all, Black TPC contextualizes the experiences and cultures of Black peoples through research, teaching, and scholarship."

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October 10 2020
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October 16 2020
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