Meet AI XPRIZE Semifinalist Marinus Analytics

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April 17 2020
Marinus Analytics, LLC (creator)
Emily Kennedy (creator)
Cara Jones (creator)
Raymond Giorgi (contributor)
IBM (contributor)
XPRIZE Foundation (contributor)
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"Based in Pittsburgh, Marinus Analytics is a woman-owned company founded in 2014 out of Carnegie Mellon Robotics. We investigate how AI can turn big data online into actionable intelligence; we have always been driven by a social mission, to fight human trafficking. 

Traffic Jam is a suite of analytics tools that saves hours and sometimes days of investigative time to find traffickers and recover victims by quickly turning big data into actionable intelligence. Traffic Jam employs a variety of AI tools, from machine learning to rank leads for detectives, to facial recognition to find missing children, to computer vision to identify patterns in a bedspread in a photo that would help find a victim. In 2018, Traffic Jam was used to identify an estimated 3,000 victims of sex trafficking."

Marinus Analytics is a semifinalist in IBM Watson's AI XPRIZE, which seeks to use AI to solve global issues.
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