Make It Wearable Wearable Sound With Richie

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Intel: Make it Wearable
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August 22 2014
StudioFeed (creator)
Richie Hawtin (contributor)
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Web Series
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Richie Hawtin and Subpac co-founders discuss the power of tactile sound. “Finding a way to bring people back to a more direct pure connection to full frequency of music is absolutely essential for the future development of good music. So wearables open up the quality of music again.” – Richie Hawtin “Subpac takes low frequencies of whatever sound you put into it and it translates those frequencies directly to your body so you are given the physical sensation of those frequencies.” – Todd Chernecki
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Location on Body
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Intel, Subpac

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July 8 2014
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November 27 2016
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