Make It Wearable Joey Hudy And The Maker Movement

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Intel: Make it Wearable
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May 29 2014
The Creators Project (contributor)
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Web Series
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The Maker community will have a major impact on the growth of wearable technology, with DIY tech enthusiasts, like 16-year old inventor Joey Hudy, working on bringing the next game-changing idea to life. In Episode 2 of The Concepts, we talk to Hudy about his idea for a pair of HDMI and Bluetooth-enabled glasses with gesture control while Sherry Huss, VP of Maker Media, discusses the impact of young inventors like Hudy on the Maker Movement and the Wearables space. To learn more about the future of wearables, the Intel Make It Wearable Challenge and how to submit for the Development Track (open until June 24, 2014) or Visionary Track (open until June 15, 2014), click here: ___ SUBSCRIBE to The Creators Project: SUBSCRIBE to The Creators Project Newsletter: ___ The Creators Project is a partnership between Intel and VICE: ___ Check out our full video catalog: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr:
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Maker Space

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