Make It Wearable Episode 5 Daily Life

Publication Title
Intel: Make it Wearable
Publication/Creation Date
March 20 2014
Intel Corporation (creator)
MIT Media Lab (contributor)
Patti Maes (contributor)
Neil Harbisson (contributor)
Vice Media LLC (contributor)
Media Type
Web Series
Persuasive Intent
What if the technology you use was not handheld, but integrated with your body on personal and wearable level? In Episode 5, we examine how wearable technology could dramatically impact our daily lives from aesthetic advancements and tracking our health, to changing the way we express and communicate with each other.

Learn more about the future of wearables, the Intel Make It Wearable Challenge and how to submit ideas for the future of wearables here: .

The Creators Project is a partnership between Intel and VICE: 
HCI Platform
Location on Body
Ear, Entire Body