Convert Work Instructions to Digital AR Experiences with AR Instruct

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July 29 2019
EAC Product Development Solutions (creator)
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Corporate Video
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AR Instruct grabs your existing technical documentation from XML formats, like DITA or X1000D, and dynamically connects that content to mobile workers using devices like assisted reality headsets, tablets, or other mobile devices. No re-authoring, no re-building. This includes optimization for voice commands on wearable devices like this RealWear HMT-1.

Hardware and technological advancements are allowing companies to address the needs and expectations of a modern workforce, improve compliance and quality, and increase worker productivity. That being said, the effort required to convert existing work instructions and technical documents into hands-free or mobile formats has made it hard for a lot of companies to adopt and deploy these new technologies. This is exactly why we created AR Instruct.

We'll show you the results of AR Instruct dynamically republishing the XML source content behind a 187-page bicycle repair manual into voice activated work instructions without any re-authoring. This is a simple example, but you can see how work instructions could save time and reduce the need to flip pages or constantly pick up and wake up a tablet device. This document is typically published as a large PDF. After AR Instruct re-authors the content you're able to navigate a repair procedure completely hands free. Voice navigation was dynamically applied to the instructions and graphics were dynamically assigned image numbers which allowed me to navigate them more easily. AR Instruct removes a barrier faced by many companies as they embrace modern technology and address the needs of the modern workforce – It answers the question many companies are asking "how do I convert existing content into the correct format for new delivery mechanisms?"
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May 8 2020
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May 8 2020
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