We Can All Do Something - Carbon's Response to COVID-19

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April 8 2020
Carbon, Inc. (creator)
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The world as we know it has changed drastically in just a moment of time. The global COVID-19 pandemic is devastating economies, communities, and families, and putting healthcare workers on the front lines at the greatest risk of facing a virus we are still trying to understand.

At Carbon, our purpose is to improve lives with science, technology, and creativity. When COVID-19 hit and we saw the medical supply shortages, we knew we needed to do something. We brought together our employees, partners, and customers to address two identified needs: First, protect healthcare workers. Second, increase testing capacity for COVID-19.

Digital Light Synthesis, our 3D Printing Technology, is enabling the protection of those on the frontlines with up to 50,000 face shields a week and more accessible testing thanks to Resolution Medical Lattice Swabs, Crafted with Carbon™ Technology.
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Carbon, Digital Light Synthesis

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April 8 2020
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