What is Snapchat?

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July 16 2015
Evan Spiegel (creator)
Snap Inc. (creator)
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Corporate Video
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Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat explains some of the concepts behind the Snapchat app. He explores the evolution of photography and social media, explaining, "photographs have changed so historically photographs have always been used to save really important memories, major life moments, but today with the advent of the mobile phone and this idea of a "connected camera", pictures are being used for talking".

Social media first began on a desktop computer, but with the popularity of smartphones, it became a tool for "instant expression" - sharing what you're doing and how you're feeling in the moment. This act of sharing the minutiae of our everyday lives and collected experiences relates to our self of identity.
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January 22 2020
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January 27 2020
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