[CES 2019] Meet the Samsung Bots: Your Companions of the Future

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January 9 2019
Samsung (creator)
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Corporate Video
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At CES 2019, Samsung introduced their vision for the future of robotics with Bot Care (a personal health care assistant that helps manage medications, exercise, sleep, as well as detect falls), Bot Air (an air purifier that navigates towards the source of contamination), and Bot Retail (a personalized shopping assistant that gives personalized recommendations, takes payments, and delivers food). They also introduced their GEMS (Gait Enhancing and Motivation System) exoskeletons, which assist mobility, posture, strength, and fitness. 

Their press release states, "combining Samsung’s AI platform, Bixby, with its latest advancements in hardware, software and user experience (UX) design, the company’s newly announced lineup of robotic companions presents an exciting vision for the future of AI technology, and offers innovative solutions for issues related to health care and the environment".
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