Edward Snowden designs spy-proof smartphone case to warn if you're being monitored

Publication/Creation Date
July 22 2016
Hyacinth Mascarenhas (creator)
Edward Snowden (contributor)
MIT Media Lab (contributor)
Andrew Huang (contributor)
Persuasive Intent
The article discusses a design for an iPhone cased, designed in part by Edward Snowden, that counters potential hostile surveillance efforts.

They write, "the device includes a small, built-in monochromatic screen that can monitor when an iPhone is transmitting, cover the rear-camera and even juice up the iPhone with extra battery power. Connecting to a phone's internal antennas for cellular connection, GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi through the SIM card slot, the device can monitor and trigger an alert if a phone is errantly transmitting data via radio signals that can potentially put a user at risk of detection".
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Iphone, Apple, Introspection Engine

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December 8 2019
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January 13 2020
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