Meet Zora

Meet Zora, the Robot Caregiver

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The New York Times
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November 23 2018
Adam Satariano (creator)
Elian Peltier (creator)
Dmitry Kostyukov (creator)
Zora Bots (contributor)
Tommy Deblieck (contributor)
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Zora Bots, the Belgium-based provider of the robot at Jouarre, says it has sold over 1,000 of the robots to health care facilities around the world, including in the United States, Asia and Middle East. It is part of a growing emphasis on robotics focused on care. A robot dog made by Sony has been marketed as a companion for older adults.

“We need to help with loneliness,” said Tommy Deblieck, the co-chief executive of ZoraBots.

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Zora Bots, NAO Robot, Sony AIBO

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