Nreal NRSDK 1.0 Beta - Build Mixed Reality Apps for Everyone

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July 23 2019
Nreal (creator)
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With Nreal's NRSDK 1.0 Beta, you can begin building entirely new Mixed Reality (MR) applications, or enhance your existing native Android apps with MR features.

Nreal Light is a pair of consumer-facing mixed reality glasses that resemble sunglasses. Weighing in at just 88 grams, Nreal Light is designed to be lightweight, comfortable and worn daily. Sporting an industry-leading wide-screen, and vivid display, wearing Nreal Light is akin to watching a 200-inch screen HDTV. Nreal Light can also be tethered to select cellphones, tablets and PCs, allowing for more use cases in various scenarios.
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Nreal, Nreal Light, Nreal NRSDK

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