Facial recognition smart glasses could make public surveillance discreet and ubiquitous

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The Verge
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June 10 2019
James Vincent (creator)
Vuzix (contributor)
NNTC (contributor)
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From train stations and concert halls to sport stadiums and airports, facial recognition is slowly becoming the norm in public spaces. But new hardware formats like these facial recognition-enabled smart glasses could make the technology truly ubiquitous, able to be deployed by law enforcement and private security any time and any place. The glasses themselves are made by American company Vuzix, while Dubai-based firm NNTC is providing the facial recognition algorithms and packaging the final product. The technology has been dubbed iFalcon Face Control Mobile by NNTC and goes on sale in May, with pricing on a per-project basis.
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Location on Body
Seeing, Watching

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July 5 2019
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July 11 2019
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