Black Mirror Season 3 - PlayTest - Introducing Saito Gemu

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Black Mirror
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October 21 2016
Charlie Brooker (creator)
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Television Show
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In Black Mirror's Season 3 episode 'Playtest', a traveller accepts a job as a tester for a new technology at a video game company called 'Saito Gemu'. In this scene, he is asked to sign a waiver form and is informed that there is a small medical procedure involved ("no more invasive than getting your ears pierced"). 

The company is working on an "interactive augmented reality system", which is described as "layers on top of reality". He is implanted with a 'mushroom' in the back of his neck. Once the system is initialized, he is able to see a cartoon-looking gopher in front of him and play an AR version of 'whack-a-mole' (without glasses or any kind of external hardware). What he sees is not real, but rather "a sort of mental projection" that no one else can see. 
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Brain, Eye, Neck
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Black Mirror, Netflix

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June 24 2019
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June 24 2019
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