Black Mirror - Season 3 - Official Trailer

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Black Mirror
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October 7 2016
Charlie Brooker (creator)
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Television Show
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Black Mirror's Season 3 includes 6 episodes that deal with eye implants, smartphones, and a social media-based socioeconomic ranking system ("Nosedive"); a brain implant that fully immerses a traveler in a video game testing experiment ("Playtest"); an anti-malware program and laptop webcam surveillance ("Shutup and Dance"); mind uploading and two women falling in love in a virtual world ("San Junipero"); neural implants and soldiers ("Men Against Fire"); and social media and robotic bees ("Hated in the Nation").

The New Yorker called Black Mirror "The Twilight Zone for the Digital Age".
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Brain, Eye
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Black Mirror, Netflix

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June 21 2019
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June 24 2019
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