Ai-Da - Drawing

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June 8 2019
Aidan Meller (creator)
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Corporate Video
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Ai-da is introduced as "the worlds first ultra-realistic humanoid AI robot artist".

Ai-da draws portraits from images captured by a camera in her eye, which is processed through AI algorithms and turned into real space coordinates, which Ai-Da then draws using her robotic motorised arm.

Her style is influenced by the breakthroughs in portraiture from the early twentieth century, including the expressionist and cubist movements. Ai-Da's portraits are distorted, jagged and fragmented, where the identity and character is both perceivable and obscured at the same time. Ai-Da’s urgent, splintered style reflects our current world as we navigate a world morphing in response to advancing technological developments and a destabilising environment.
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June 19 2019
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July 5 2021
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