Black Mirror Season 5 - Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too - Screaming robot doll scene

Publication Title
Black Mirror
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June 5 2019
Charlie Brooker (creator)
Miley Cyrus (contributor)
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Television Show
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In Black Mirror's Season 5, Episode 3, Ashley-O, teen pop sensation, has an entire line of Ashley-Too companion smart toys that mimic her personality. After the original Ashley-O falls into a drug-induced coma, the dolls begin suffering extreme technical glitches.

Rachel, a pre-teen with a huge Ashley-O obsession, convinces her sister to help fix her glitching Ashley-Too, only to accidentally remove a "limiter" built into the devices. Ashley-Too reveals that Ashley-O's brain is uploaded into every toy, then outfitted with a limiter to keep her responses family friendly. With the limiter removed, Ashley-Too becomes significantly more aggressive and more alike the original — effectively becoming a human in a tiny robot body.
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Brain, Entire Body
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Black Mirror, Netflix

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June 18 2019
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June 21 2019
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