Alexa gets a body

Alexa needs a robot body to escape the confines of today's AI

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MIT Technology Review
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March 26 2019
Will Knight (creator)
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (contributor)
Rohit Prasad (contributor)
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Rohit Prasad, head of Alexa's artificial intelligence at Amazon, discussed the limits of AI assistants at the EmTech Digital conference. He argues that providing smart assistants with the ability to see and explore the world around it will enable it to properly understand how to respond to queries. 

"The reason Alexa gets tripped up, Prasad said, is that the words we use contain more power and meaning than we often realize. Every time you say something to another person, that person must use preexisting understanding of the world to construct the meaning of what you are saying. “Language is complicated and ambiguous by definition,” he said in an interview before the conference. “Reasoning and context have to come in.”"
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Entire Body
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April 23 2019
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June 13 2019
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