Do You Know What You’ve Given Up?

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New York Times
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April 11 2019
James Bennet (creator)
United Nations (contributor)
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We’ve all been making some big choices, consciously or not, as advancing technology has transformed the real and virtual worlds. That phone in your pocket, the surveillance camera on the corner: You’ve traded away a bit of anonymity, of autonomy, for the usefulness of one, the protection of the other...

We’re looking to you to participate in this project. We’d like to publish your stories about how the sharing of your data hurt or helped you. When it comes to debating the right path forward, we hope to hear from technologists and policymakers, whistle-blowers and tech executives, advocates and academics, and anyone else who has an original and important solution or idea to contribute. Eventually, months from now, having considered this debate, the Times editorial board will weigh in with its own proposed solutions.
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The Privacy Project

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April 12 2019
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April 12 2019
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