Chronolife - Real Time Intelligence for Healthcare (English)

Publication/Creation Date
December 13 2017
Chronolife (creator)
Dr. Laurent Sebbag (contributor)
Alexia Perouse (contributor)
Donald Jones (contributor)
Bruno Cervera (contributor)
Bernard Gilly (contributor)
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Corporate Video
Persuasive Intent
Chronolife is a non-invasive, wearable technology that monitors chronic heart disease and predicts heart attacks. The information is relayed between the patient, the device, and the doctor and will alert the patient to contact their doctor at the first sign of abnormalities. The device itself is a t-shirt that is able to be machine-washed as normal laundry.

This device can result in less hospital visits and and increased flexibilities of life with a life-altering heart condition.
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Location on Body
Spine Torso
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Chronolife, HOTS Algorithm

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March 26 2019
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May 27 2020
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