Neil Harbisson: I listen to color

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TED Talks
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July 20 2012
Neil Harbisson (creator)
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Web Series
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[Video Description: artist and self-confessed cyborg Neil Harbisson was born with a condition called achromatopsia, which means he can't see any colour (only in greyscale). In this TED Talk, he talks about the antenna that he had implanted into his skull at the age of 21, which allowed him to constantly HEAR the colours around him using bone conduction. This device detects the sound frequency of the entire range of colours (360 colours plus infared and ultraviolet). He began by having to memorize the tones of all the colours, but now it has become second nature. This antenna has become a permanent part of his body and identity. It allows him to experience the world differently through the senses. Everything becomes a symphony. For example, he now associates people's faces, clothing, art, and food with the colour tones (he mentions that he is dressed in "C Major" today). He also now associates sounds with colours (he mentions that he can now eat his favourite songs!) He uses this information to create his paintings and artwork].
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Location on Body
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TED Talks, Cyborg Foundation

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March 22 2019
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October 28 2019
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