Black Mirror - Bandersnatch - Official Trailer

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Black Mirror
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February 16 2019
Charlie Brooker (creator)
David Slade (creator)
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Feature Film
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Black Mirror's first film allows the audience to choose their own ending. Netflix implemented the ability to register user input to determine how the story of Bandersnatch will play out. Drawing inspiration from "choose your own adventure books," the story is about a game developer working on adapting a choose your own adventure book into a computer game. The player chooses how he acts and responds to situations in his life, with each choice impacting how the game is received at the end. (Major spoiler), the success of the game ultimately hinges upon the downward emotional spiral of the character, leading him to murder his father and keep his father's head on his desk.

As the first attempt of Netflix to create a non-linear story, Bandersnatch is likely to spearhead the emergence of non-linear stories in a similar fashion.
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Not On The Body
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Computer Games, Video Games
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Netflix, Black Mirror

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March 15 2019
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June 21 2019
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