Madefire debuts 3D motion comics on the Magic Leap One AR headset

Publication Title
Venture Beat
Publication/Creation Date
February 4 2019
Dean Takahashi (creator)
Madefire Inc. (contributor)
Liam Sharp (contributor)
Magic Leap (contributor)
Dan Lehrich (contributor)
Rony Abovitz (contributor)
Ben Wolstenholme (contributor)
Persuasive Intent
Dean Takahashi reports that "Madefire has been committed to making “motion comics,” or digital versions of comic books that leap off the page with animated visuals. And today, the company is announcing that it is showing off its first Motion Book experiences on Magic Leap‘s augmented reality glasses.

Motion Books can make a still image appear as if it were moving, adding motion and sound to words and pictures. And the Magic Leap experience can make those images pop out of the screen into the real world, as if they were three-dimensional, with motion, sound and depth, and a sense of where that image exists in physical space".
HCI Platform
Location on Body
Hand, Eye