MIT Mini Cheetah

Mini cheetah is the first four-legged robot to do a backflip

Publication Title
MIT News
Publication/Creation Date
March 4 2019
Jennifer Chu (creator)
MIT Department Of Mechanical Engineering (contributor)
Benjamin Katz (contributor)
MIT Biomimetics Robotics Lab (contributor)
Media Type
Press Release
Persuasive Intent
MIT's cheetah robot is able to run, sidestep, and amazingly enough, even do a backflip. Based on the larger model, the Cheetah 3, the Mini Cheetah proves the technology can be scaled down and even outperform the original. The team intends to build 10 more Mini Cheetahs to loan out to other groups for furtherĀ development.
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Entire Body
Mobility, Design
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Mini Cheetah, Cheetah 3

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March 15 2019
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June 13 2019
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