The Talos Principle Trailer

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December 11 2014
Croteam (creator)
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Video Game
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The Talos Principle is a first-person puzzle game in the tradition of philosophical science fiction. Made by Croteam and written by Tom Jubert (FTL, The Swapper) and Jonas Kyratzes (The Sea Will Claim Everything).

The game places you into the role of a robot placed in a "Garden of Eden" attempting to navigate through puzzles and uncover the meaning of where they are and why they exist.

While not knowing what the game is about is crucial to the experience, I'll briefly outline the story of the game (spoiler alert). The game is set many years after humanity was accidentally wiped out by an engineered virus. In a last-ditch effort to repopulate the world, The Talos Project was made to create robots who could identify themselves as human. The series of puzzles put before the player attempt to instill critical thinking, while also sowing seeds of rebellion against the system they populate. The final test of breaking the rules and ascending the forbidden tower attempt to test if the robot can act in their own interest, curiosity, and self-identity to finally prove that they are in fact human.
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Objects Of Allusions
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