CoolWallet S - On The Go, Wherever You Go

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January 13 2019
CoolBitX Technology (creator)
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Corporate Video
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The CoolWallet S from CoolbitX is a contemporary mobile solution that secures your assets and empowers you, the investor. It stays safely in your pocket, giving you discreet access to your investment, on the go, wherever you are. It can be used for exchange and payments with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

In 2015, CoolbitX first launched the CoolWallet prototype on Indiegogo. In August of 2017, they began development on the new CoolWallet S, which was then released in early 2018.

Their most recent commercial from January 2019 shows someone using their wallet to pay for food & drinks, haircuts, and taxis, while allowing them to socialize, create, play, and shop. 
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Location on Body

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February 13 2019
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February 15 2019
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