Canadian-made wearable tech monitoring astronauts’ health in space

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The Star
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January 30 2019
Amanda Cosco (creator)
Concordia University (contributor)
Jean-François Roy (contributor)
Pierre-Alexandre Fournier (contributor)
International Space Station (contributor)
Canadian Space Agency (contributor)
Hexoskin (contributor)
Joanna Berzowska (contributor)
Persuasive Intent
Astroskin, a space grade smart shirt developed by Montreal-based Hexoskin will be used to examine astronaut's vitals while in space. The smart garment has three components. A stretchable smart shirt, a sweatband with a built-in sensor, and a recording device that is tucked into a pocket of the smart shirt. Five sensors are embedded into these garments, monitoring its wearer's blood pressure, skin temperature, activity levels, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and breathing rate. This technology is intended to gain a better perspective of the physical tolls space travel can have on the human body.
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Chest, Spine Torso
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Hexoskin Astroskin, Hexoskin

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February 9 2019
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August 25 2019
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