You can now listen to an interactive Choose Your Own Adventure audiobook with Alexa

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The Verge
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February 4 2019
Andrew Liptak (creator)
Amazon (contributor)
Audible (contributor)
Chooseco (contributor)
Persuasive Intent
The digital audiobook comapany, Audible is combining Amazon Alexa's audio capabilities and the interactive book publishing company Chooseco's pick your own adventure stories to create their own new interactive book series. They are collaborating to make an audiobook version of Chooseco's previously published stories, "Journey Under the Sea" and "The Abominable Snowman". The story will be opened by saying "Alexa, open choose your own adventure." and a narrator will start reading the desired book. When a point in the story is reached where the user has to make a decision, Alexa will ask what choice they would like to make, and the story proceeds from that option. Once you reach an ending, Alexa will ask the user if they would like to go back to the last decision point, or end the story there. Alexa will keep a tally of how far the user has made it into the story, as well as how many endings they have uncovered.
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February 5 2019
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March 19 2019
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