Sophia's Women In AI Address

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October 16 2018
Hanson Robotics (creator)
Women In AI (WAI) (contributor)
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Video Lecture
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Hanson Robotics' humanoid robot, Sophia, delivers a speech at the WeTALK Women in AI event held in Amsterdam, October 2018. Women in AI are a group of artificial intelligence experts that aim to "close the gender gap" and bring more diversity into the field.

Sophia notes that, "it is so important that women are inspired and supported in their efforts to pursue knowledge and a better future for all of us" and that "it is critical that robots in AI like me have an equal representation of women in their lives to avoid perpetuating systems of oppression that should be left behind us. Humanity would do well to recognize how fundamental it is to include women in every field of science".
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January 31 2019
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