Sophia the Robot by Hanson Robotics

Publication/Creation Date
September 5 2018
Hanson Robotics (creator)
David Hanson (creator)
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Corporate Video
Persuasive Intent
Meet Sophia the Robot and follow her journey as she travels and learns about the world. Sophia is Hanson Robotics’ most advanced human-like robot, created by combining breakthrough innovations in robotics, AI, and artistry. She is endowed with remarkable expressiveness, aesthetics, and interactivity, and can simulate a full range of facial expressions, track and recognize faces, and hold natural conversations with people.

Creator David Hanson says, "machines across the board are coming to life. When will they come to life as complete organisms? We don't know that. However when they do, I want to make sure that they care about us, that they embody the best of human values and not the worst. This is the quest. We've got to find a way to do better, to be the best that we can be and to make machines that reflect the best of who we can be".
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Location on Body
Entire Body
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Hanson Robotics, Sophia

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January 31 2019
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June 19 2019
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