holoride – Turning vehicles into moving theme parks

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January 7 2019
Audi (creator)
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Corporate Video
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Holoride from Audi is developing the future of in-vehicle media, linking XR with real-time motion data, like acceleration and steering. This creates a new category of experiences for everyone who spends time on the move. 

People often can’t enjoy transit time because watching a movie or reading makes them feel uncomfortable. By matching what you see and what you feel with almost no latency, holoride is able to reduce motion sickness.

With holoride technology, the XR content is never the same. It adapts to the type of route, to driving styles – and it’s connected to the location. Content becomes elastic and tailored to your trip.

Soon, data from connected cities as well as from other cars will be added to make XR on the go an even richer and more immersive experience.
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Head, Eye
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Holoride, Audi, Oculus Rift, CES 2019

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