Stellaris: Console Edition Pre-Order Trailer

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January 22 2019
Paradox Interactive (creator)
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Video Game
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The popular 4X strategy game Stellaris is being ported to PS4, to be released on February 26th, 2019.

The game is set in the year 2200 and has the player controlling a species of their own creation (or pre-made) exploring the galaxy after having finally perfected faster-than-light travel (FTL). Civilizations lay claim to territories and exploit galactic resources, expanding their population and protecting their systems from other rivalling powers. Players begin by selecting their species' policies, such as egalitarianism vs authoritarianism, and xenophile vs xenophobe. These decisions will drastically alter the internal structure of the civilization and the external interaction with other species. Intergalactic warfare will have rippling effects on the galaxy, and nations sometimes unite to defeat a common threat.

Civilizations are also responsible for how their research advances, following three branches: physics, society, and engineering. Physics will often improve the workings of space vessels, society will work towards improving the lives of the nation's inhabitants, and engineering often focuses on weaponry. As civilizations become more advanced, ascension perks become available, often drastically changing how a species might play. Through this, an entire civilization may decide to upload their brains into synthetic bodies, becoming immortal. Some civilizations may instead choose to develop their capital planet into an ecumenopolis, or city-wide planet (inspired by Asimov's Foundation series).

Stellaris draws upon a deep history of science fiction works, unifying them to propose a possible future for humanity.
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January 28 2019
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October 31 2019
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