Chinese schools enforce 'smart uniforms' with GPS tracking system to monitor students

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December 28 2018
Guizhou Guanyu Technology (contributor)
Tracey Shelton (creator)
Bang Xiao (creator)
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"Chinese schools have begun enforcing "smart uniforms" embedded with computer chips to monitor student movements and prevent them from skipping classes. Eleven schools in the south-west province of Guizhou have introduced the uniforms, which were developed by local tech firm Guizhou Guanyu Technology. As students enter the school, the time and date is recorded along with a short video that parents can access via a mobile app. Facial recognition further ensures that each uniform is worn by its rightful owner to prevent students from cheating the system."
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Guizhou Guanyu Technology

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January 1 2019
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April 9 2019
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