IFA⁺ Summit 2018: Recap - That was IFA⁺ Summit 2018

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IFA+ Summit
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October 17 2018
Garry Kasparov (contributor)
Kevin Warwick (contributor)
Isabel Pedersen (contributor)
Wendell Wallach (contributor)
Poppy Crum (contributor)
Karen Palmer (contributor)
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FA⁺ Summit, the top-class think tank dedicated to the world of the future, gathered 28 international speakers and 550 participants in Spetmber 2018. Together they left for an exploration of our future world with its extraordinary possibilities, challenges and ambiguities. On two days the speakers from various fields shared their thoughts on the upcoming decade, with four subject clusters – Intelligence, Society, Interaction, and Experience – featuring different technology-driven visions and perspectives.The IFA The Summit was host to international guests, experts and leading edge professionals: scientists, artists, developers, researchers and digital pioneers met the participants´ interests who could take the unique opportunity of joining one of the year´s most valuable conferences in one of the world’s most vibrant cities.
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December 10 2018
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January 9 2019
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