An ad agency created a “smart dress” to prove women get groped at clubs

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November 29 2018
E.J. Dickson (creator)
Ogilvy Brazil (contributor)
Schweppes (contributor)
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E.J. Dickson writes that, "post-#MeToo, brands and advertising agencies have apparently gotten the message that it is financially lucrative, good PR, and ethically responsible to speak up on behalf of sexual assault survivors. One byproduct of that is an ad campaign from Ogilvy Sao Paulo, featuring a “smart dress” that tracks how often women get groped".

She discusses the results of the campaign and offers some critiques, concluding that, "the onus should not be on women to prove to men that sexual assault is inherent in their daily lives. The onus needs to be on men to listen to women’s stories and believe them. And no clever ad for soft drinks is going to do anything to change that".
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Ogilvy Brazil, Schweppes

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November 30 2018
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November 30 2018
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