Burgerbot startup Creator hires inventor of Boston Dynamics’ Big Dog

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November 9 2018
Josh Constine (creator)
Martin Buehler (contributor)
Boston Dynamics (contributor)
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Alex Vardakostas (contributor)
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Disney Imagineering animatronics wizard Dr. Martin Buehler is a legend in the robotics world. His work leading development of the galloping Big Dog quadruped at Boston Dynamics  both inspired and terrified a new generation of makers. But after playing in the worlds of fantasy and science fiction that consumers can’t buy, Buehler has been poached to work on something much more tangible. In fact, it’s edible. He’s joining burger-making robot startup Creator as VP of engineering
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Boston Dynamics, Creator, BurgerBot

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November 19 2018
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December 10 2018
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