Seeing is Believing: North Unveils Focals

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Publication/Creation Date
October 23 2018
Max Greenwood (creator)
North Inc. (contributor)
Thalmic Labs Inc. (contributor)
Aaron Grant (contributor)
Adam Ketcheson (contributor)
Persuasive Intent
“This is a brand new category. There’s nothing else like it in the world,” – Aaron Grant, co-founder of North.

Focals is a pair of glasses designed for everyday use, emphasizing deep technological integration in the form of a holographic display capable of previewing messages, directions, weather updates, and more. Focals come in two styles (round and classic) and three colours (black, tortoise and grey fade), and ship in non-prescription and prescription variants (but no bifocals).

As expected, the frames are a little thick, but for how much is packed inside them, Focals still look extremely sleek and resemble something closer to a regular pair of glasses than a smart device. In fact, the form of Focals was designed first, after which the team went to work ensuring  all of the necessary technology could fit inside. As Aaron Grant, co-founder of North, describes it, they ”didn’t want it to look like you were wearing a piece of technology on your head,” a common criticism for older glasses wearables.
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Eye, Finger