Custom-made smart glasses pick up where Google Glass left off

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October 23 2018
Nicole Lee (creator)
North Inc. (contributor)
Stephen Lake (contributor)
Marie Stipancik (contributor)
Persuasive Intent
"Focals are a pair of everyday smart glasses that are designed from the eyewear-first perspective," Stephen Lake, North's CEO and co-founder, told Engadget. "We realized that it can't be like previous approaches of smart glasses, where they try to stick a computer or tech on your face."

Lake says that Focals aren't designed to be augmented reality glasses like Magic Leap or Microsoft's HoloLens -- you're not going to use these for gaming or project collaboration. In fact, Focals aren't designed for big images at all. Instead, Focals are for normal, ordinary use; sort of like a heads-up display for everyday life.

In a sense, Lake says that Focals are designed to take your head away from being buried in your phone. "The core philosophy of the product is about keeping you present in the world," said Lake. "It's subtle and designed around the human experience."
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Finger, Eye