Altered Carbon Official Trailer

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January 11 2018
Laeta Kalogridis (creator)
Richard K. Morgan (contributor)
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Television Show
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In a cyberpunk world heavily inspired by Blade Runner, Altered Carbon demonstrates what could happen if humans successfully used technology to drastically extend their lives.

Using a small device that rests on the back of your neck called a Stack, humans are able to make backups of their brain and transfer them to other bodies. As a result, the human body is referred to as a "sleeve" for the far more important Stack that houses your brain. In the event of death, people can be brought back to life.

250 years into a life-long sentence, Takeshi Kovacs is brought back to life to solve the murder of the richest man on Earth. Having fought to see the Stacks destroyed, he now has to live with the consequences of his failure and face the world that he wasn't able to prevent from existing: a world where a wealthy Elite never die and the poor face abuse otherwise unimaginable.
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Head, Brain
Living, Dying
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Netflix, Blade Runner

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October 16 2018
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October 16 2018
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