TechCrunch, Kuri is an adorable home robot

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May 24 2018
Mayfield Robotics (creator)
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At CES 2017, TechCrunch interviews Mike Beebe and Sarah Osentoski of Mayfield Robotics about their adorable home robot, Kuri. Kuri looks like a little creature with a big personality and can roam around your home autonomously. She shows her emotions through her expressive eyes and through the noises she makes (they sound like chirps). Beebe notes that "Kuri is very earnest, she's helpful, and she's quite patient." Kuri can record video and capture family moments, as well as remotely monitor your home and your pets while you're away. 

Mayfield Robotics was launched in 2015. On July 25, 2018, they announced that they will be ceasing manufacturing of Kuri.
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October 10 2018
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June 25 2019
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