VALLEY OF THE DOLLS: Future of intimacy?

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Toronto Sun
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September 7 2018
KinkySdollS (creator)
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The owner of Toronto's KinkySDolls discusses his products, his customers, and the future of artificial intelligent sex dolls. He says, "we are not a brothel. We are actually against something [that is] discriminating [against] women or males in any way. We are a shop and we are here to sell dolls, move intentory".

He says that the reason they allow customers to rent the dolls in the shop is to allow them to 'try out' the specific doll they are interested in before they commit to purchasing it. The dolls cost $120 per hour to rent at the shop ($250 per hour for home rental) and at least $2500 to purchase. The most common reaction the shop gets from customers is "wow, that was interesting!"

KinkySdollS will soon be acquiring AI sex dolls. There will be two kinds: a 'basic' version that reacts to touch, and one that is more fully communicative and interactive, similar to Realbotix's Harmony doll. These dolls will also have the ability to learn about the customer's unique preferences. The head and mouth will move, but not the body. The price of the interactive dolls will be about $10 000 to purchase. 

He says, "I think artificial intelligence is going to start with sex, that's what is happening right now. Just like the internet started with a lot of porn". 
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