Automatic On The Road - Gonzo AI Robot Writes Road Trip Novel

Publication/Creation Date
September 26 2018
Ross Goodwin (creator)
Dolby Laboratories (contributor)
Oscillator Media (creator)
Kenric McDowell (contributor)
Christiana Caro (contributor)
Jack Kerouac (contributor)
Lewis Rapkin (contributor)
Media Type
Persuasive Intent
Technologist Ross Goodwin takes his creative writing, artificial intelligence robot car across-country to write its version of the American literary road trip. What does creative authorship mean for A.I.? The film suggests that A.I. and other technologies have the potential to be used for augmentation and collaboration, rather than for the replacement of humans. Ross Goodwin notes that, "with A.I., I am most excited about the idea that I can have this companion that knows me better than anyone and that I can create things with, that is custom tailored to my needs, that will do exactly what I need it to do, to help me produce work that is beyond my native capacity". 

Produced in collaboration with Dolby Laboratories.
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October 1 2018
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March 30 2020
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