Robots can now pick up any object after inspecting it

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MIT News
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September 10 2018
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Press Release
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Breakthrough CSAIL system suggests robots could one day be able to see well enough to be useful in people’s homes and offices.

"The team trained the system to look at objects as a series of points that make up a larger coordinate system. It can then map different points together to visualize an object’s 3-D shape, similar to how panoramic photos are stitched together from multiple photos. After training, if a person specifies a point on a object, the robot can take a photo of that object, and identify and match points to be able to then pick up the object at that specified point."
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Robots, Robotics, Algorithms

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September 12 2018
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November 25 2018
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Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT), Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL), Adam Conner-Simons, Rachel Gordon. (September 10 2018). "Robots can now pick up any object after inspecting it". MIT News. Fabric of Digital Life.