Gattaca - Trailer

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October 24 1997
Andrew Niccol (creator)
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Feature Film
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[Video Description: the sci-fi film, Gattaca, is based in a future-society shaped by eugenics and obsessed with perfection. Children are conceived through genetic selection in order to obtain to desired traits of their parents and society. People's DNA determines where they can work, who they can marry, and what they are allowed to achieve in life. Vincent Freeman (played by Ethan Hawke) was born outside of this genetic program and is therefore "unenhanced". In order to get a better chance at life and avoid further genetic discrimination, Vincent trades identities (and blood, skin, and hair samples) with Jerome, a "enhanced" man who was later paralyzed in a car accident.  The identity switch is successful and Vincent is able to obtain his dream job. Until his true indentity is discovered].
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